Fabric Option

As a garment manufacturer for 20 years, Sospade has a very stable fabric supplier that can guarantee the stable production of multiple batches of goods. Moreover, Sospade is close to the largest fabric market in China, so we have faster access to the latest fabrics to help you create fashionable clothing that is more in line with market trends, and we can provide you with any fabric you want, even custom fabrics.

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When you need to fully customize your clothing according to your design and quality requirements, Sospade as a garment factory with 20 years of experience, will provide you with OEM service

If you have all the details ready, simply fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you with our price and delivery time estimate. If we agree on the price and delivery time, we will send you samples free of charge for cooperation. When you need us to produce clothing on demand, we will do mass production and solve logistics problems for you

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When you only have the design, you don't have any special requirements for the clothing

If you only have a rough idea of what your clothes should look like, our designers will contact you and can advise you on accessories, fabrics, workmanship

Once you confirm, we will send you a price and estimated delivery time

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You would like to purchase our existing design products

Sospade  has fashion buyers all over the world, we will capture the first hand fashion consultation, so that our designers will be able to design in line with the fashion adults like. You can choose from our existing designs to enrich your product line.

These products can be ordered in small quantities and can be shipped quickly

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If you only have an idea and no design draft, then we have professional designers to provide design for you

First of all, we need to know which style of clothing you wanted and your brand positioning. We provide you with your own brand style design manuscript. Once you have confirmed the design, fabric and workmanship, we will provide you with our price and delivery time estimate. Our sample delivery time is two to three weeks
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Private Label

In the clothing industry, private label is slowly becoming an essential symbol. Private label works exclusively for clothing brands to ensure that the products produced are unique.


For example, customized shipping marks, labels, and packaging bags.

Private label makes it easier for customers to know us.

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Custom Label

Label customization includes the choice of material, color, font, and label size. We produce custom woven, satin and cotton labels for your own label clothing company, but we will also attach them to your clothing at no extra cost. Usually, the label is attached to the back collar of the garment or wherever you choose. We can also make biodegradable labels. This can protect the environment and contribute to environmental protection
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Custom Package

Many well-known clothing brands have made huge profits by displaying their products using newer custom packaging of clothing products. It is important to know that not all clothing bags are created equal, as the types of bags may vary when it comes to different clothing lines. If you own a clothing brand and want to upgrade your packaging, you have to make several choices.

Different private label clothing manufacturers make eco-friendly choices to make their clothing businesses sustainable in the future. There are many custom shirt bag manufacturers that offer options such as plastic polythene bags and paper bags, but the final decision is still what size and materials the clothing brand needs. Clothing bags can be customized according to the customer's design, print and size.

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Custom Accessories

We can provide you with the customized accessories you need, such as buttons, zippers and other accessories on the clothing.


If you have your own design drawings,

we can help you customize them and use them on your customized clothing, so that you can highlight the uniqueness of your clothing brand when you sell them

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